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Magical castle tour

Nature and architecture are presented in all their splendor along the castle road. With a keen sense for the whole, landscape planners and interior designers have created magical testimonies of their time.

Day 1 | The magical castle tour starts at Herberstein Castle. An ambassador of the castle road welcomes you there. While strolling through the splendor of the flowers in the historical garden of Herberstein Castle, you will learn interesting facts about the history of European garden culture. In the castle’s herb garden you can experience the taste and smell of various medicinal and aromatic herbs and learn exciting things about old and new herb knowledge. Kitchen and health tips included! After lunch at the Marienhof estate, the tour leads along the river Feistritz and the culinary route 66 of Styria’s thermal spa & volcanic region past the majestic Riegersburg Castle and Kornberg Castle to Bad Gleichenberg. During an enjoyable tour through the “green salon”, as the historical spa park (20 ha) is also called, you can look into the eventful history of the oldest spa town in Styria with stories and anecdotes about its famous visitors. Just one volcanic hill further, Kapfenstein Castle squints lovingly at you. During the wine tasting from the castle vineyards of the Winkler-Hermaden family, you can taste the uniqueness of the volcanic soils. Dinner is set for you in the castle restaurant. You will also spend the night here.

Day 2 |Strengthened by the castle breakfast and perhaps a morning walk on the Geotrail, the magical castle tour leads to Slovenian cultural jewels. Just a stone’s throw away, near the Styrian-Slovenian border, there is Grad Castle in the middle of the Goricko Nature Park, Slovenia’s largest baroque castle with 365 rooms. It has been under careful renovation since its revival in 1995. There are many stories to tell, such as the legend of the dragon with the lost crown or the Knights Templar. On the way there is the transition from the hilly landscape to the Mur plain. Bograc and Prekmurska Gibanica, lunch specialties in the Rakican Castle on the outskirts of Murska Sobota, depending on the group size in the Castle Street Hall. The dishes are served in beautifully decorated pottery. Ceramic art belongs to Prekmurje. There is always something going on around the attached riding stables, Rakican is known for horse-drawn carriage rides. It goes over the river Mur to the southeastern part of the country. The largest wine-growing region in Slovenia, the Jeruzalem wine hills open your heart.
It takes a look inside the church and the history of the naming. The day ends at the final highlight at Ormoz Castle. Surrounded by one of the most beautiful arcade gardens in Slovenia, you can take a relaxed walk with the garden guide for a picnic in the castle garden.

Our services at a glance:

  • Entrance & garden tour at Garden Castle of Herberstein

  • 2-course lunch at the Marienhof estate

  • Guided tour through the historical spa park in Bad Gleichenberg

  • Commented wine tasting (5 samples)

  • 3-course dinner at Kapfenstein Castle

  • 1 overnight stay incl. breakfast at Kapfenstein Castle
    a maximum of 15 castle rooms are available

  • Entry to Grad Castle

  • 2-course lunch at Rakican Castle

  • Guided garden walk with a final picnic at Ormoz Castle

  • Organization and 2 days tour guide

picture: Prekmurska Gibanica 

Our offer:

28500per person with at least 20 participants ----- € 330.00 with at least 10 participants
  • Tour available from April to October

  • The most important luggage is a happy heart!


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