Project Description

ORGAN-hike along the Castle Road

The hotel in the baroque palace Schielleiten with its garden forms the starting point for this experience. A stately palace park with ponds and spacious sports facilities surrounds the buildings. Schielleiten Castle is one of the Austrian Sports Resorts. The SAM guest taxi will be happy to assist you during your stay, the routes are coordinated with the timetable. We have put two hiking routes with a strong connection to the Castle Road into a two-night offer; for the entire organ-hiking-offer we recommend four nights. Then there is time for a walk to the stately neighborhood, the Herberstein garden palace with its animal world. Castle tours are offered daily.

1x organ-hike from the church in Stubenberg to the lake “Stubenbergsee” and over a steep climb up to the “Geierwand”. The hill offers a wonderful view to the lake and Neuhaus Castle. And from above you can see Herberstein garden castle, which was built on a rock. Along the natural path you reach the Holy Grave with a pleasant atmosphere and a well-deserved rest on a small plateau. From here it goes down to St. Johann/Herberstein. Past the zoo of Herberstein and the “Marienhof” it goes back to the hotel. If the entire route is too long for you, you can shorten a section with SAM.

1x organ-hike in Pöllau. From Pöllau Castle in the middle of the village you go to the church first. The eye-catching dome is modeled on St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome. Because of the dome painting and floor plan, one often hears the expression “Styria’s St. Peter’s Cathedral”. The natural path leads over the Kalvarienberg-church up to the pilgrimage church Pöllauberg. When you arrive at the church steps in front of the Gothic portal, it is an uplifting moment with a distant view over the gentle hilly landscape to Riegersburg Castle! The Hirschbirn-trail (Pöllau is known for Hirschbirn specialties. It is an old kind of pear.) leads back to the lovely town center via the Genussgut Retter. Explanations of the sacred objects and the lovely organ sound can be found in your personal audio guide.

Our services at a glance:

  • 2 nights at Schielleiten Castle
  • 2 dinners at Schielleiten Castle
  • “Castle Spirit” for your hiking backpack
  • Instruction of personal audio guide
  • Brochures organ-hike

Culture & nature along the Castle Road. ORGAN hike – what is it? An audio guide from the Viennese company “Hearonymus” was developed and provided with recordings of the bells and organs. The organs have been carefully tuned, and the pieces played fit the era of the respective instrument. There is also church, organ and bell information for two-hour guided tours through sacred buildings in the southeast of Styria (Pöllauer Tal nature park and Apfelland). With the QR code, which is printed in the showcases of the churches and on the brochures, or by entering “Hearonymus” in the app store/play store, the program can be downloaded with any smartphone and the personal audio guide can be opened on the mobile phone individually according to location and time.

2 nights

11500per person in a double room
  • Surcharge single room

  • on request

3 nights

16900per person in a double room
  • Surcharge single room

  • on request

4 nights

22300per person in a double room
  • Surcharge single room

  • on request

  • A smartphone is required to activate the personal audio guide.

  • Option Neuhaus Castle in Stubenberg:
    From June to September, 2 holiday apartments and 1 room including breakfast are available. There are possibilities for dinner in the surrounding restaurants.


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