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We organize and guide field trips and excursions on the trail of the volcanoes in Styria/Austria. As ambassadors of the region we provide background information and use our know-how to turn your visit into a unique experience. From guided hikes in the footsteps of the long-extincted volcanoes, to delightful culinary journeys, to geomantic experiences of the eruptive history of the Vulkanland Steiermark: Our well-trained and experienced team is there for you.

We are just as active in the project conception and implementation as in guiding excursions to pioneers in a region that aims for uniqueness. Spirit of Regions understands itself as interface between guest groups, folk culture and excellent regional development.

AMBASSADORS OF A SPECIAL CULTURE We show you a strong inspirational force, animated by profound philosophy and give insights into transnational transformation processes. Simply a region full of vitality, in which an excursion along the trails of the volcanoes becomes an encounter with the landscape and oneself. DEEP INSIGHTS INTO THE REGION VULKANLAND STEIERMARK are our daily business. Mindful everyday relations with guests inspire us to do try new things and be thankful. Our promises are based on more than 20 years of regional development. We know the legendary history, the finest manufacturers of craftsmanship and culinary art, the most impressive places of interest and we understand how to make extraordinary natural settings approachable by using geomantic traditions. The promise behind the license Vulkanland Steiermark is lived by us and we actively network in our regional tourist association Thermen- und Vulkanland Steiermark. On state level we actively engage with „The Green Heart of Austria“.

May it be a little bit more?

In Austria there is a saying: While talking people move closer together. This is how we determine the best offer for you. We listen to your wishes and ideas and put together an individual suggestion.

Hikes, field-trips, excursions or culinary delights.


Choose from our bookable offers and be inspired!

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”


“The most precious things in life aren’t those you get for money.”

Albert Einstein


Read on. Dive into the wonders of the Thermen- und Vulkanland Styria and get a digital taste for what to expect when visiting.

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