Today in the morning, when we were preparing for our hiking tour starting at the Rosenberg in Auersbach, autumn showed its most beautiful face. The wonderful atmosphere gives wings and after only a few minutes walk we found a gates of heaven. Planets installed along the way inform about the endless vastness of our universe. At the highest point the Riegersburg attracts our views and a few steps later we try a delicious Caldera, a type of cider. Further along the road we immerse into the forest of the adjoining castle and find ourselves in a fabulous world of fairy tales. Before moving on we marvel at the courtyard of the Castle of Kornberg , built in the Renaissance period. After passing through the village of Wetzelsdorf and stopping by at the small brewery Lava Bräu we return to our starting point at the Rosenberg. After eleven kilometers of indulging into the landscape body and soul feel different then before. In the afternoon, as a reward for the wonderful hike, we enjoy a culinary refreshment at the Heurigenschenke Sterngucker or move on to the Vulcano Schinkenwelt.