In times of Corona we read about an online-tasting of Whisky on a Friday at 19 o’clock. We thought, this sounds interesting – and with four tastings with 50ml each we could comfortably try the Whisky with all four adult family members in our living room. We dismissed the delivery by post and directly picked up the tasting-package in the neighboring brewery. Without personal contact of course. Out of habit we made in a note in our personal calendar, despite their being no other meetings on the agenda. But than things never turn out the way one expects them to.

Friday, April 17 2020, 10 o’clock “Good morning coffee” talk with discussion about values and awareness training. A live-stream with Karola, one of partners. A few hours later we attend the guided online tour of castle Kornberg. At 14 o’clock Mag. Bardeau, lord of the manor, leads us through his home. Of course I want to watch as we are always in need of good stories that aren’t written down in any brochure.

After that we participate in an online course where Instagram is explained for artists and agencies working in the cultural sector. Marion Vicenta Payr, known as Ladyvenom to her followers, explains about private and business accounts, where and what to post and interesting statistical numbers. Thank you to Anzenberger Gallery for the organization! But the course also leads to a clash of appointments – at 18 o’clock starts the tasting “Aronia meets Vinegar” on Zoom. It is taking place within the scope of the education to “regional experts” by the agency for qualification of employees. I start switching between the lecture and the tasting, but don’t have to worry as Mario is participating at the tasting “full-time”.

Just before my eyes become squares I leave my work desk and join my husband, daughter and son-in-law for the whisky tasting.

Roman Schmidt, our real-life neighbor, explains Brisky 2016, Brisky 2007 and Genesis 2012. We savour the real whisky, no “on the rocks” to be found here. I’ve visited the brewery with its attached whisky distillery countless times with guests, but listening to the philosophy in our living room as a means to spend a relaxed evening is new. The total sum of time I spent with online-live-streams as well – so much for “no other meetings on the agenda”.