Starting in Loipersdorf the first hiking tour leads us to St. Anna am Aigen. Along the “Weinweg der Sinne” we follow the wine bottles. Their bottle neck leads us around the circular path. Our first break (also called a tasting) takes place at the winery Pfeifer. Newly energized we continue uphill through the vineyard until we reach the chapel on the hilltop. We pause for a moment and exchange our thoughts on the values in our region. We continue until we reach the wine-bridge near the winery Ulrich. Here our group splits up. Those preferring the more relaxed route follow the path to Plesch and further on back to St. Anna. With the second part of our group we continue to the viewing tower in Frutten and onwards to the wine store in St. Anna. There we aren’t surprised to be asked “Where have you been for so long?” by those who left us in favor of the shorter route.

On the second day we discover Jeruzalem, the largest wine area in Slovenia. We follow the path to a small church and disclose the secret regarding the naming of this area. With a wonderful view over the wine hills we hike towards Ratek farm to enjoy a typical Slovenian lunch. Which is of course only complete with Gibanica. We walk by the graveyard in Svetinje and follow the path upwards to PEP’s wines, where those interested may stop for a bite and/or a tasting. Further on we have a lot to relay and we don’t realize how far we’ve come. But still, all of us are cheerfully welcoming the sight of our bus, which takes us back while we enjoy a short nap.

Our third tour takes us to the wine area around Klöch, which is famous for its cultivation of Traminer. After a few first explanations next to the village square, we climb the hill behind the church. Today our walking rhythm already functions like clockwork and we easily connect to the individual places we pass by along the path. In small groups we philosophize and experience a well connected hiking group. While viewing the stone quarry where basalt is extracted, the slogan “Along the paths of the volcanoes” becomes especially tangible. Climbing the old tower of the ruined castle we enjoy this wonderful sunny day. During our final hiking tour we thankfully use the self-service offers of the Kellerstöckl (small buildings with a cellar and usually just one small room upstairs located in the vineyards) along the round track. Upon return we heartily agree with Aristoteles: “The total sum is more than its individual pieces!”