Eve already knew: „The apple is worth a sin!“ In Ilz, the northern gate to Vulkanland-Route-66, the Ilzer Rosenapfel, commonly also known as Ilzer Weinler, feels right at home. The resistant apple is mostly used for juices and cider, which may be tasted at Caldera-Most. The caldera already refers to the region: More than 40 extincted volcanoes shape the landscape along the street to life’s culinary pleasures. The Styrian street of delights leads along the main road B66. 42,9 km from Ilz in the North to Bad Radkersburg in the South – or vice versa. As many miles as possible or as many joyful stops as possible? Why not both as many signs along the street lead to hidden businesses in side valleys, beautiful viewing spots and welcoming farmyards.

But there are also other signs, whose significance only reveals itself with time. At least 66 icons were designed by artist Andreas Stern. Their layout looks similar to town signs (rectangular, white background, blue frame), but these icons display words like Love or have cheese eyes in them. Some are easy to interpret – like the on/off sign, displaying an outdated version of a light switch, that makes one wish to forget day-to-day troubles. But the thoughts are free and reading the signs may be bring different ideas to mind. There is also an opening to discuss the lifelong question of is the glass half full or half empty? In addition, round, orange signs have been mounted as chainage. They display the number 66 and part of the Vulkanland-brand, the Riegersburg.

First drop-outs along the Vulkanland Route 66 might be observed at Haberl-Fink in Walkersdorf. Bettina and Hans-Peter Fink lure visitors into their kitchen with pickled delights and finest cuisine. After the first steep incline a transformer announces whisky, gin and rum. High percentages with a guarantee for an extraordinary experience during guided tours through David Gölles’ cellars. He is the son of well-known pioneers Alois and Herta Gölles – their manufactory for fine vinegars and spirits is located on top of a hill in a side valley off Route 66.

The city of Feldbach serves as a great place to start out group trips along the road. The Tour Erkundung includes, among other things, a guided hike from Riegersburg fortress to Castle Kornberg. An ambassador of the region accompanies you. On request, we happily provide culinary stops along the trail. In Bergl, a village not far from Riegersburg, sweet temptation followed by some bubbles is offered by neighbors: Chocolatier Zotter and Meister champagne incl. dinner at Hotel Restaurant Pfeilers in Feldbach. Pigs represent luck, so a sky full of ham makes for a very fortunate place. Here, employees often call “their” pigs by their name, while preparing tastings of Vulcano’s products. Hidden gem for overnight stays Sonnenhaus Grandl is located close by, surrounded by greenery and offering a great breakfast.

Culinary walk Feldbach – every Saturday at 9 o’clock individual guests are welcome to taste the city. First stop (and starting point) is the farmers’ market on the main square. Michaela Stangl is the person to talk to. She’s also responsible for the first morning shot. Continuing, a special little coffee shop boosts walkers before they continue down the alley to Bürgerstüberl and further on to Bauernstadl, THE regional supermarket. There, a bacon tasting awaits, followed by excellent wines at Sissis Weinbar.

Those, searching for the golden equilibrium, may find what they are looking for when following
Vulkanland Route 66 in between the two similar hills (“gleiche Berge”). Overnight stays in hotels surrounding the green saloon, Bad Gleichenberg’s 20ha big park. The town likes its history. The fountain surprises with water dancing to well-known waltzes. Best place to observe: while seating on the terrace of Delikaterie.

The South continues to impress with special delights. We happily put together individual routes for you or accompany you along the road. You plan a trip to Styria? Welcome to the south-east! Get a taste by listening and watching the
Als Vorgeschmack hier der Link zum Vulkanland Route 66 song.