A promotional trip by Consul Mag. Andreas Bardeau and Sonja Skalnik from the Castle Road to Moscow has aroused great interest in our region. Packages specially developed for the Russian market for a stay of 1 to 7 days around the Castle Street caused great interest and already brought the first visitors from Moscow. In order to optimize the joint offers for the Russian guests, representatives of the tour operator JET Travel spent two days in the region around Feldbach. In addition to the visits to the culinary strongholds of Zotter chocolate, Gölles schnapps and Vulcano ham, the personal exchange of experience and the transfer of knowledge about cultures was the main focus of the trade visit.

The logistical advantage with spatial proximity of the attractions to each other, the connection with the many castles and palaces, but especially “the small world of large castles” astonished the travel professionals. Special emphasis was placed on the warm hospitality and personal attention – – whether at the excellent restaurants Seehaus Riegersburg or hotel restaurant Schloss Kapfenstein, or at the spontaneous coffee stop at Dominik Fitz in the spa gardens of Bad Gleichenberg. The study trip took place at the invitation of the companies mentioned and was accompanied by Mag. Andreas Bardaeu, Schlösserstraße, Ms. Sonja Skalnik, Schloss Kornberg and Mario Hofer, Spirit of Regions.