In a good mood and motivated the team from the Thaller-Center Feldbach started walking towards Auersberg. We followed the tracks of the volcanoes up to the wooden deck with a wonderful view over Feldbach. The center was located in the mist of Raab, with imagination we let arise a colorful picture of Feldbach, the volcanic hills with Calvary, Steinberg, Konixberg and Auersbach, where Feldbach, rocked in soft volcanic fire, is located in the Raab valley. A little further on the Gniebingberg at “Weidenrast” (a beautiful resting place with many willow bushes) we offered a regional strengthening and while walking along the ridge, the fog lifted and orientation was well possible. Often we are close to places we know from the perspective of the road, when we drive through. The views along the nature trail opened up a new perspective with the positive recognition that the nearby environment offers interesting things, such as the art stations along the Stations of the Cross of Edelsbach. In the guided tour of Roman Schmidt in the organic brewery food philosophy was in the foreground. When he was asked how much is done and takes shape, his spontaneous, convincing answer was: “Benedicere – talking good, bless (Latin). We value things with our words “. At the Heurigenschenke Ehrenhöfer (wine tavern) the sun has given the view to the Gleichenberger Kogeln, colloquially as “the bosom of Bad Gleichenberg, in the midst of a female landscape”, the gentle, southeast Styrian hill. Fleet step, we hiked through the Auersbachtal to Moarhof of Kornberg castle. Mr. Mag. Bardeau introduced us to the exhibition of the small world of great castles and the day ended with a glass of “Sturm” (still fermenting grape juice) & “Bamkestn” (chestnuts). Thanks to the team for the attention that was given during the day of regionality and congratulation to this appreciative teamwork, it touches.