Together we can do more. More and more frequently, movement modules, where all employees can take part, are requested during company outings. In the last weeks we have activated all of our helpers to allow optimal care of these modules. At Farmersgolf and “Loamkegeln” (a traditional kind of bowling on a loamy ground) we work with regional partners and for the fun parcours we have developed our own games. In drawn teams, it is important to use the required strengths in the skill games. Joint effort, concentration, patience, tactics, motivational words and gestures, trust, fun in the joint action and joy of the result. In this experience-oriented interaction, we are primarily and pragmatically concerned with healthy physical activity in nature with a fun factor and increased mobility through trust in the movement. Catching and throwing the ball, balancing, bowling … sounds very easy. To give the team a common breath for the optimal execution of the exercise needs a bit more and suddenly familiar exercises known from childhood give joy. With simple tools and beautiful natural places.