As part of Flagshipproducts project today was an excursion to the natural product laboratory Wenigzell on the program. Managing Director and process engineer, Mr. Günther Holzer explained the location of the laboratory and its research area. In rural areas, parents are trying to provide good education for their children. At the same time, this is a “never come back ticket” as there are few highly skilled jobs in this region. Goal: to extend the agricultural value chain by means of process engineering. Here, production processes are evaluated with raw materials, primarily substances that can also be assessed by conventional medicine. Continuation through organic farms, receptions are created by farmers and researched, jobs are created. Our concrete motivation for the visit was research results of elderberry and aronia berries and their health effects in our body. Near the thermal bath Bad Blumau we visited a vegetable farm. Organic sprouts from radishes and leeks. Pluck salad. Drying thistle, grape seeds, buckwheat. Unique products are fixed in tourism.