Welcome to the Styrian Volcano Land. The many years of efforts to establish tourism contacts with our immediate neighboring countries and to create cross-border offers are bearing fruit. For the University of Marburg, (Faculty of Agriculture and Life Sciences) we put together a tailor-made program. The study tour took the students across Hungary and Slovakia to Vulkanland.
The agricultural, viticultural and agricultural management students were interested in the extensive context of regional projects and long-term strategies. We earned a lot of praise for our tour guide. Times are correct, the route is used as a preparation tool for the next enterprise, useful information material and linguistic flow. The need to overcome the language barrier to our neighboring countries is increasingly recognizing by our local companies, so it was obvious to include these businesses in the program. After the tour at Zotter chocolate manufactory (introduction Slovenian, then Audio Guides), Wilma Kaufmann (English tour) informed about Aronia and Roses. Mr Bernhard Haas talked about the merits of the Caldera Working Group, where everything revolves around must and innovations at his farm on the subject of apples in Slovenian. On the wine route we went to Klöch for Traminer tasting in the wine shop. At the Golfhotel Klöch, the Fuchs family agreed with the presentation of Kadoo (pumpkin nectar) and Steirerreis on the evening menu, of course with a choice of food, where the today experienced food is served, a special thanks to Mr. Raimund Pammer. Including curtains of beet bean pods, a creative commitment to the region.
Despite the fact that the municipality is bordering on Slovenia and the Slovenian employees are often employed, it is better to choose English words for communication, all the more emotionally, the joy of product innovations resonates in the voices of people and connects nations and generations.