During our latest two-day excursion we spent much quality time with a group of 21 employed students from Slovenia – intensive guided tours through enterprises and corresponding discussions with the entrepreneurs. In preparation for the excursion we agreed on a colorful mix of different modules with the target group. Starting point for the tour was a tour through the Genusshotel Riegersburg, followed by a visit of brewery & Brisky Auersbach and a walk through the Kurpark Bad Gleichenberg. The wonderful spring-time atmosphere supported the explanations about architecture and its blend with nature on the example of the Medicine life resort and the park.

The guests stayed at the Kürbishof Gartner, where a lively discussion took place in the evening. For a great start into the 2nd day we made our own fango-masks before tasting Gölles vinegars, Zotter chocolate and Vulcano ham – all three already well-known as “classics” on our tours through local manufactories. The final touch was delivered through a concluding presentation on the brand “Steirisches Vulkanland”.

We were delighted to experience a perfect combination of conveying expert information and staging an eventful guided tour at Fangocur. From touching the rocks after their delivery from the quarry nearby, the powerful movement of the pebble mill, the drying of the stones through to the experience of making one’s own mask with essential oils.