With great gratitude I look back to the presentation task at the 1st Vienna Intuition Congress 2017 at the Kardinal König House. Dr. Walter Purrer wrote in his invitation: “The process of metamorphosis happens in nature as if automatically. In our society, however, this process requires human intelligence, will and intuition. The congress has the vision to act as a butterfly cell and thus sends out important impulses for the transformation of society! “His introductory presentation, taken from the everyday life, about tunneling with reason, feeling and intuition underlined the importance of human access to the essence of their intuition. Measured by the number of visitors, the density of presentation content, which brought results about intuition from different sciences and the lively exchange of experience during the event, the result is very pleasing. Through the perception of the choice of words of the exchange, the ethereal spatial effect, the mindfulness of the visitors and the effect of the artistic performances, the seed multiplies many times over to the colorful butterfly meadow.

The preliminary talk in the Steinmühle for Peter Wahl and Katharina Flückiger, as well as Davide Zavatti was an art assessment by Hans-Peter Dürr on the front page of the convention invitation: “With the help of intuition we access a greater knowledge that has nothing to do with our private knowledge. It is the view of the larger world. ”

Ms. Isabella Poredos from the Viktor-Frankl-Center played a major part in the good organizational process and followed with participants in her workshop the question of sense-seeking and meaning-fulfillment in everyday life. The search for meaning is a fundamental motivation of man – this realization is at the center of Viktor Frankl’s work. Sense is a reality in the world and is not in the eye of the beholder. Therefore, man, equipped with free will and responsibility, is called upon to recognize and realize the meaning of the moment in every situation. How can the sense be grasped in a situation? – Here man helps his heart wisdom, his conscience, which Viktor Frankl described as a “sense organ”. He defined the conscience as an intuitive ability to track down the unique meaning that lies hidden in every situation. As the voice of transcendence, conscience is rooted in the spirit unconscious.
Miss Dr. Regina Obermayr as a great motivator of intuition, encourages daily, conscious engagement: “Practice makes perfect; Intuition is learnable like language”. Much more about her, such as interesting fieldwork can be read, seen and heard in her book “In the Footsteps of Intuition” and the same 13-part TV movie by BR-alpha (by Thomas Gonschior). By the way, we have one mouth and two ears. The importance of listening, the three sieves of Socrates and the deeper meaning about which Francois Schmitt from Switzerland reported …