In great weather, we hiked special landscape points. The sun donated more than 25 degrees on the 21st of April and the blossom has woven us into a white, virgin, vital spring energy. Meeting point was the station in Fehring. The path led us up to the weather goddess Uxlemitanus on a mountain spur in Brunn, where the Celts already worked. For our connecting exercise with nature, the well-groomed forest with the fresh beech leaves formed a harmonious backdrop and spontaneously the canon sounded: “Es tönen die Lieder …”. Along the edge of the forest and the flat fields, the path led us to the “art railway station” in Hatzendorf. Various metal artworks line the place. We gave a stop to the Agricular sculpture and heard the legend. Strengthened with a sip of Holler Vulkan juice, we went to the mountain rating on the Sapperkogel to the light, built by the theater club Hatzendorf. As the sun sends out its rays, so the view leads around to the volcanic cones of the volcanic land. A well-kept place invites you to linger. Descending through the spring meadow, we discovered the doldy Star of Bethlehem. From Rittengraben we went up to the hill at the Kapper winery. The inviting benches in front of the wine cellar were gladly accepted. With a view over the Raabtal and on the city Fehring the thirst was quenched. Beate Kapper told us about the barbecue and chill evenings on every Thursday in July from 17:00 o’clock and from the picnic place under the cherry tree, noted by us thankfully, everyone likes to invite to surprises, winery Kapper is at least a success. From now on it went downhill to Raab and to the reason of the call for the common hike. Spring in the mill in the traditional courtyard of the Berghofermühle. A group of service providers and product providers in the volcano land has gathered here and build from the volcano land breakfast to a fashion show, rose punch, build elder whistles, …. bundled various experiences. Our contribution was the guided hike to the mill. Arrived at the big plane tree and the water wheel we feasted warm delicacies from the giant pan of Peter Troissinger, artist & cook vom Malerwinkl.