Feldbach advertises in Linz. Numerous gourmet friends and wine lovers stormed the Design Center in Linz last weekend. The wine magazine Vinaria invited to the 4th wine and enjoyment fair. Upper Austrians are welcome guests at the culinary manufactorys and in the accommodation facilities. A presentation under the paradise tree, a symbolic tree with leaves as colorful as the fruits harvested by lived regionality. With the support of the tourism association Feldbach, ham manufacturer Vulcano, nature vineyard Hutter, castle street and tourism agency Spirit of Regions have advertised to guests. (Photos: WGL © Ramirez)

The application with documents adapted to the target group is important to us. In the selection of tasting of about 130 winemakers, the desire for matching food arises. The guest view of the Vulcano ham slicer brought many interested people, it got around soon, under the paradise tree there is DELICIOUS. This was a great way to tell our story: “If you have a birthday child in a gourmet group and it’s hard to choose a present, we recommend a birthday walk on the HimmelErdenWeg with tasting along the way and a stop at the Schinkenmanufaktur. There, a cinder with the birthday child’s initials is waiting around the campfire, it can burn its very own ham. A gift with a special touch. This can be enjoyed together at the very personal ham festival!”