Last week the 2nd meeting of the TAT (Transnational Assessment Team) members within the framework of the DiscOver55 project took place. The team is focused on examining the partner destinations according to the ETIS criteria in order to evaluate their suitability for targeting tourists 55+. The aim of the four TAT meetings is the preparation of a comprehensive report based on SWOT analyzes of the individual regions. This report will serve as the basis for the development of a touristic product for the target group 55+. The TATeam consists of eight tourism experts who also have background information regarding the development of each partner destination.

The members from Finland, Italy, Slovenia and Austria met in the Slovenian coastal city Izola from June 7 until June 9. The Slovenian project partner ZDUS, based in Ljubljana, put together a comprehensive and interesting program. Alenka Ogrin from ZDUS welcomed us in collaboration with the local tourist board and the Hotel Delfin, which is specially equipped for an older target group. In numerous interviews and discussions with local SMEs the varied possibilities of the region were identified.

In addition to the local authorities, we were happy to welcome representatives from the national park surrounding Izola, the cities’ hotel industry, the olive oil producers and the museums in the area at the focus group meeting. The next TAT meeting takes place at the end of June in Vulkanland. We are looking forward to welcoming the international guests for a working session on the forward-thinking theme “Tourism for the target group 55+”.

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