Time is flying! At the end of April 2016 we travelled to Italy to attend the kick-off event for the project DiscOver55. Now, 15 months later, the final event of the project took place. We want to say thank you to Alenka Ogrin for the organisation and to Allan Vella from the European Comission for his speech. In Izola at the Slovenian coast we joined our six project partners for the presentation of the projects’ results.
In warm conversations we reconnected with our visitors from the pilot-group, who visited Vulkanland in November. The guests animatedly told us about their lasting memories. For us, it was especially nice to hear that the joint singing in the morning raised such excitement that the idea was put into action also in Slovenia. At the Hotel Delfin, which is managed by our partner organisation ZDUS, joint singing is offered in the mornings since February. The director Nina Golob told us that at the first installment she was able to welcome 230(!) guests.
Andrea Grabher from the Styrian seniors organization GEFAS presented the final handbook for devising a senior tourism product in an animated presentation. In a scientifically valid way questionnaires were distributed among the pilot-testers. The results were collected, accordingly analyzed and presented in form of a handbook. The handbook is available for free download for everybody who is interested: Handbook DiscOver55: Lessons learnt and recommendations for devising a senior tourism product

In direct talks between the partner regions Lake Saimaa, Izola, Montepisano and Vulkanland the direct course was set for the continued cooperation also after the projects’ end. Our highlight of the final event was the signing of the Commercial Partnership Agreement. It ensures the continued exchange between the incoming and outgoing agencies located in the regions. We perceive the agreement as a chance for us and the region to actively promote our offer to active seniors in a better way and to meet their needs accordingly. More pictures