“Water” is the connecting element between the four participating destinations. Montepisano in Tuscany and Bad Gleichenberg in Vulkanland are both traditional villages with thermal baths and a rich culinary offer. The Vulkanland has been called the Styrian Tuscany for years before this cooperation as part of the DISCOVER55 project was born. While in Vulkanland wine routes are very prominent, in Tuscany the same is true for olive oil routes. Apart from Montepisano and Vulkanland, Izola in Slovenia and Savonlinna in Finland are also members of the project team. The common target is to develop an offer that attracts the target group 55+. However, the offer should not only focus on water, but also on promoting the numerous unique attractions. GEFAS Styria (Gesellschaft für aktives Altern und Solidarität der Generationen) provides the necessary knowledge about the target group, while SPIRIT OF REGIONS is responsible for the joint product development. During the meeting in Vulkanland there is going to be a TAT (Transnational Assessment Team) talk with enterprises and non-profit organisations working in the field of tourism and providing services to the target group 55+. The indicators evaluated during this talks provide the basis for the development of a product which is later on tested by another partner destination.

The kick-off meeting for the project took place at the end of April in Monetpisano. The region presented itself beautifully and Monia D’Amico led us through three strictly organized days of work. The final program point, a press conference for Italian media, was hosted at the renovated Palazzo Boccella, providing us with a view over the whole area. Palazzo Boccella usually houses study programs focusing on biological anthropology. With Raffaela Nocchi, our partner from Montepisano DMC, we’ve been discussing the current situation of SMEs. There are numerous overlaps in the areas Tuscany and Vulkanland. The warm spring weather in Pisa, Lucca and Capannori inspired us. This motivation we take with us for the next meeting, taking place in Finland at the end of May.
Pictures from the PSC meeting in Montepisano

   Olivenpresshaus in Montepisano