The fourth TAT (Trans National Assessment Team) excursion led us to the region Montepisano (IT, Tuscany, 18th-22.7.). Raffaella Nocchi of Montepisano Travel created a varied program, to provide a comprehensive overview of the tourism opportunities in the region between Pisa and Lucca.

Two thermal baths and distinctive cuisine combine this region thematically with the Vulkanland Styria. In the Uliveto Therme we were to try possible holiday activities of the target group (eg. Bones for life® exercises, basketry with olive branches, expressionistic watercolor painting) in the park. The day ended with a visit with a olive oil tasting in an oil mill and the sights of towns Buti (Theater Francesco di Bartolo), Vicopisano (medieval old town) and the Monte Serra with a magnificent view of the region.

Day two was dedicated to the Focus Group, except that two separate groups were conducted with different groups of people. In the morning, the mayor and representatives of the seven Montepisano communities with the TAT members met to exchange the monastery (now a museum)in Calci, in the afternoon followed by discussions with local tourism professionals (from the kiosk or nature guides to proprietor and tourism experts). Culinary variety tasting made in a “holidays on farm” operating lunch. In the evening before dinner we were surprised with a musical start by an Italian choir, which can also be included as a program item in seniors traveling.

On the third day we visited among others the National Park San Rossore and a winery near Lucca and the observatory of Capannori. After completion of the fourth and thus last TAT mission the final reports of these missions and bookable offers for tourist season now be created. We create with our agency SPIRIT OF REGIONS end of November a multi-day program as a prelude to the Silent Advent Vulkanland Steiermark, which is being tested by a Slovenian senior group. The pilot group from Austria will enjoy exploring Izola (SLO). The two project regions Montepisano (IT) and Savonlinna (FI) will also be traveled in autumn alternately by senior groups.

Pictures from the project