At dusk we arrive in Auersbach. The bus cannot drive up to the farm. Upon leaving we already draw our attention to the hand-made wooden lanterns and remember our kindergarten days. “I go with my little lantern …”. Wrapped up warmly we almost hesitantly take those lights which show us the way to the Wiedenberg. While walking we forget our everyday work and childlike joy is adjusted. Our senses hear gentle music and crackling in the brazier. When looking into the courtyard country-house charm and comfort arouse in the heart.

After everyone has filled his cup with apple punch, the group listens to the remarks about the green light and the handling of the “peaceful time”. The low temperatures lures the guests into the old parlor. While we hear a story from France that has become a true tale our bodies warms up. The content affects us. Those who meet at work often with only a nodding greeting come together in dialogue.