We reach Ljutomer (Luttenberg), tourist known for the trotting races, where in summer guests watch the trainings and tournaments in the Hippodrome. On a steep forest road, the “cup of joy” points us up to Jeruzalem. The flags of Dveri Pax greet us and the view over the vineyards sounds aaahhhhh by the bus. When looking over the in many times terraced vineyards, the heart opens. A four-armed Klapotetz with its counterweight, a birch tail, sings us a song. For toning wood from stone fruit, usually black cherry, is used. The word is derived from klopotati = rattle and comes from the Slovene language. By comparison, in Austria there are usually six- to eight-armed Klapotetze in the landscape.
Jeruzalem – “a beautiful place, where slender poplars grow sky-choppy chords from the songs of the vineyards” – is written in the prospectus. The wonderful autumn weather invites us for a walk along the colorfull vineyards to Svetinje, looking back at the little church of Jeruzalem, we feel it too.
The church tour reveals the story surrounding the naming process. Approximately 25,000 people per year from all over the world visit this place with only 40 inhabitants. A little later we learn in winery Malek that in this type of wine cultivation in comparison to the vertical line planting about 25% less sticks are exposed on the same surface, in addition, this kind of cultivation is protected here. We tasted Sipon (Furmint), young Cuvee, Rhine Riesling, Sauvignon, Traminer, Muscat. Also at the tavern of family Kupljen there are wonderful wines, an angel at the cellar vault watches over the tasting. The traditional lunch includes a Gibanica Prlekija style. Gibanica comes from güba = wrinkle, the dough is filled mainly pots, apples or nuts and baked in a clay casserole. By the way, clay pottery, mainly utility ceramics, are part of everyday life around Ljutomer.
The golden glow of the celestial sea, the spiers of the church, mighty nut and chestnut trees, people enjoying the tavern’s terrace, the abundance of autumn fills our hearts, our soul dangles in the autumn sun. Thanks to the travel agency Fischwenger.